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Being under resourced and overstretched is a problem that occurs frequently in dental practices. High workloads, emergency patients and staff on leave are just some of the everyday challenges that have to be managed, often to the detriment of the work-life balance of senior staff. In these challenging times you can quickly become blindsided when there are so many issues to think about. It is easy to lose clarity in what actually needs to be done to take your business forward.

Staff at all levels need the right level of investment in their personal development. Staff who feel their skills are becoming dated and who are not invested in from a training perspective quickly start to feel demotivated and undervalued. At this point they begin to look for roles elsewhere.

At Crowns, we can provide a plan for role development that will aid employees in delivering your business objectives. This will give individuals greater ownership and responsibility, empower them to want to deliver a quality service and make performance issues easier to identify and manage.

We will work through your practice profile to identify the resources needed and then work with you to clearly develop a role with a clear job specification.

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