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We're not just any recruitment agency

Yes, it's a fact. Unlike many of our counterparts, we're not an all-industry recruitment agency. Many providers in our sector cover a vast range of roles; medical staff, care workers, therapists and support workers, to name but a few. Crowns is different. We're 100% focussed on providing recruitment and HR support to the UK dental industry and are completely focussed on you.

Our experience of managing a dental practice has given us a firm understanding of the challenges that dentists and practice managers are faced with in today's world. This is where other agencies fail. Their lack of knowledge and experience means they often place candidates in roles that are wholly unsuitable. At the far end of the scale there are also the clandestine agencies who charge lower rates but then fail to pay employee's tax, national insurance or pension contributions. That is not how we operate.

​We've been in business for over 10 years and in that time we've learnt a lot. The dental industry is highly regulated and providing the right patient care is critical. Staff need to be adaptable, proactive and resilient whilst always remaining professional in what can be very trying and stressful circumstances. As part of the recruitment process, we check all qualification and training certificates, run DBS checks and seek references from former employers. If the candidate is not going to be employed by you directly, we ensure they are either on our payroll or if self-employed, provide forms to confirm their UTR.

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